William Morris of the London Cape Equities

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His passion and dedication for investment banking were instigated by his desire to provide the real clients with a much higher capital growth than what the banks can give.  Even though he does the same type of trading as the bank, he can offer something that the bank simply cannot give – he makes sure that the clients see the real profits going to their accounts.  The banks usually conceal the real profits that should go to the accounts of the clients or keep them all to themselves.

He is a confident and professional Trader who is self-motivated and takes pleasure working within the trading industry’s fast-changing needs.  He has an impeccable expertise in setting and controlling the resource budget to meet the operational effectiveness of the trading departments and ensure that the targets or goals are achieved.  He has the ability to motivate the staff and be able to maintain his composure even under stressful situations.  His honesty is beyond words and he is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the results that he wants.  He is hard working and always offers an uplifting smile.

The following areas are William’s center of interest over the years:

– Investment Banking

– Private Banking Services

– Compliance, Security, Fraud, and Risk

– FTSE Stock Markets

– Forex Trading

– Project Funding requirements for governments or large blue chips

– Fixed Income Securities

William hails from England in the South and lived in the United States of America for six months in the year 2015.  During his stay in the US, he managed to put up two offices: one in L.A. and another in New York.  No matter how busy he is, he always allows time to spend with his loved ones and friends.

He always makes sure to make his spare time useful by extending a helping hand to good causes.  He donates regularly to foundations and charities like this one:

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The Steve & Marjorie Foundation provides youths with nationwide programming and mentoring camps, scholarships, and provide assistance for the youths to take up the higher level of learning.

An Outstanding Career in the Equally Outstanding London Cape Equities

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London Cape Equities is a professional asset management company that enjoys world-wide recognition, and which William Morris is affiliated to.  The company specializes in Investment Management, Trading, Financial Advice, and Asset Management.  Clients who are planning or aiming for a promising future in a world that is constantly changing and shifting at a more rapid rate entrust their assets to London Cape Equities.  The same goes for clients who are looking for a better quality of life, as well as investors who want the quick solution to unlock numerous opportunities and uncover possible risk.

As an independent global investment manager, London-Cape Equities’ greatest responsibility points to its clients.  The company places its clients as the topmost priority.  Institutions and private investors put their trust on London Cape Equities as they allow the company to manage their assets from the company’s offices around the world.

London Cape Equities Group Limited has more than 30 years of trading experience.  The company is one of the foremost authorities when it comes to trading over 200 various types of Financial Instruments that include FX, Bonds, Stocks, MTNs, CFDs, and other Commodities.  The company follows a very conservative and cautious style of trading.  It is a strategy that allows the company to achieve and provide consistent returns to the clients.  It also allows the company to always deliver a strong fund performance in each passing month and maintain a worthy business partnership with the clients that should last for a long time.

In the year 2015, William Morris attended an invitation-only conference called the SALT Conference, as seen here:

Because it was an invitation-only gathering, only a select few individuals were fortunate enough to get invited – William Morris was one of those individuals whose talent in the world of Trading is nothing short of amazing.  He was invited simply because he proved that he deserved such recognition.

The said conference is committed to making it possible to have balanced discussions and debates regarding the investment opportunities, geopolitical events, and macroeconomic trends within the framework of a dynamic global economy.  The SALT conference has over 1,800 business professionals, thought leaders, investors, and public policy officials from the 6 continents and over 42 countries.

It provides an unparalleled avenue for participants worldwide to come in contact with the global leaders and network with colleagues in the industry.

Some of the famous attendees of last year’s conference were Andre Agassi, Michael J. Fox, Rob Reiner, and Condoleezza Rice.  Click this link: http://live.saltconference.com/saltvegas2015/managers.html to view the list of companies that attended the SALT conference.

Most Important Aspect of London Cape Equities:

Corporate Account Picture

The most important aspect of London Cape Equities is that the clients do not need to transfer their funds to the company.  London Cape Equities allow their clients to open and credit their own account at the company’s FCA licensed Broker Dealer with Custodial Accounts at HSBC Hong Kong / HSBC London.

The provided link below shows the track record of the company for the last 3 years and six months:


Unlike the company’s competitors, London-Cape Equities is a performance based investment banking company that does not require the clients to pay a management fee.  London Cape Equities only generates their income each month when they bring in profits to their clients – they collect performance fee or fee that is based on their performance.  William Morris and London Cape Equities will definitely do everything in their power to give higher profits to their clients.

London Cape Equities Group Limited’s Managed Accounts Service:

London Cape Equities recommends their managed accounts service to the clients who:

– Have not tried investing their money, but would like to keep a safe and steady growing savings.

– Would like to own an investment under their name, or let a secure institution hold and keep their funds safe under their name.

– Would like to take hold of a solution that has an ability to provide returns to the market average.

– Would like to diversify the available funds between several accounts.

– Do not want to deal with unnecessary and unjustified costs.

-Would like to keep full control of their funds and see their equity grow.

– Think that it is utmost important to gain instant access to their funds whenever they want.

– Expect to get the fast administration and superb client assistance any time of the day.

– Would like to benefit and take advantage of the gains that the best traders in the market could provide.

– Would like to launch a simple and quick investment in one of the major currencies: USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, or EUR.

– Would like to make sure that they are the only ones who can withdraw their funds or investment.

– Prefer to have the ability to monitor the investing process in the entire duration of the investment period.

– Would like to have 100% transparency to let them monitor not only their current equity but from anywhere in the world all year round.

– Would like to make sure that their capital is fully protected.

Expect that only highly skilled investment professionals will actively manage the money of the clients.  There is a team of analysts who will diligently do all the investment research on behalf of the clients.  There is also a dedicated team of professionals, with expertise on managed accounts, who will do their best for the clients.  Customized communications will likewise be provided to keep the clients well-informed regarding the activity of their accounts as well as the performance of the accounts.  The clients will be given an annual review to ensure that the investment strategy is still the most ideal to follow.

Wealth Protection:

London Cape Equities also offers wealth protection.  Clients can entrust their future in the experienced hands of William Morris and London Cape Equities.  The wealth planning team can give their expert advice from tax and trusts to Receiving and Paymaster accounts.  Clients can be certain that the security and opportunity that their wealth brings can receive proper protection through generations.

London Cape Equities’ wide range of offshore financial solutions and services include:

– Trust and fiduciary

– Succession planning

– Mutual fund set up and administration

– Company formations and management

– Captive insurance

– Legal services

Paymaster Services:

London Cape Equities also has payment services.  The company offers Attorney Escrow Services for different financial transactions for both international and domestic dealings.  In some industries, these services are called or referred to as Paymaster Services.

London Cape Equities have experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge in handling such services.  The company provides attorney escrow/ paymaster services to privileged clients who meet and satisfy the crucial compliance requirements.

London Cape Equities’ Attorney-Client Trust & Escrow Account is well established, and it is ready to facilitate the client’s transactions without breaking the applicable laws.

The hands-on approach to management and operations is London Cape Equities’ way of building and maintaining close relationships with their clients.  The company believes that the unique client focus and the company’s global reach are just two of the many reasons for the company’s continuous growth and success.

Legal Services:

London Cape Equities Group Ltd recommends the services of Ogier Law Firm to the company’s clients for the following reasons:

Ogier Law Firm is an independent, worldwide team of professional lawyers.  The team specifically caters to the needs of fiduciaries, trustees, beneficiaries, and family offices.

The lawyers work together to deliver professional and discreet services that strongly meet the objectives of the client whether establishing wealth structure for succession, protecting the asset, obtaining tax efficiency, and/or securing family confidentiality or governance.

The team has gained consistent recognition as leaders in their field whether they stand collectively as a team or as individuals.

The Things that London Cape Equities and William Morris can Assure:

London Cape Equities and William Morris assure the clients that they can expect the following:

– Full control of the funds under a secure institution and the account is under the client’s name.

– The power to the compound or withdraw the profits per month.

– Instant 24/7 access to the client’s fund.

– Only highly talented investment professionals can actively manage the client’s money.

– Take advantage of the gains of the finest traders in the market.

– See their equity grow in a composed and relaxed environment as well as utmost transparency and without needless costs.

– Clients can launch their investment quickly and without complications within three to six days of the client’s application receipt.

The Financial Services Commissions in the British Virgin Islands has regulated and licensed London Cape Equities as an investment manager.  The company offers the corporate or personal client a comprehensive portfolio showing end-to-end solutions.  This includes an investment account under the client’s name with day to day reporting on open positions, trades, performance, and risk.

The London Cape Equities Headquarters is located at Sea Meadow House P.O Box 116 Road Town, Tortola VG110 Virgin Islands (British).  It is founded in 2012 and has 51 to 200 employees.

London Cape Equities is licensed and registered in the BVI and regulated by the Financial Services Commission or FSC.  To verify the company’s registration, go to this link:http://www.bvifsc.vg/en-gb/regulatedentities/investmentbusiness/approvedmanagers.aspx

William Morris and London Cape Equities want nothing but the best for their clients.  The dedication, compassion, and unparalleled service that they provide to their clients are just some of the things that contribute to their success.  Helping people achieve their goals and personally witnessing the satisfaction and success of each client are more than enough compensation for the hard work.

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